Nexian Magic A893 Reviews Specification

Overview of Nexian phone output is almost 100% similar to Apple's mobile phone output. But if you prefer to look deeper, you just realize that this phone does not use the IOS operating system, but the operating system Android. And there are detailed differences in the body. ,  Please refer to our review below.

Main Specifications:

Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz) / WCDMA 2100 MHz
ARMv6 processor 600 MHz, Andreno 200
Internal memory is 200MB, 8GB External
3.5 TFT capacitive touchscreen 320x480 pixels
Back 2MP camera LED flash, VGA front camera
Android 2.2.3 Froyo
Package consists of:

Handset Nexian Magic
Data cable
5 colorful hardcase
Warranty card
User manual

Design and Body

Points which is the subject of conversation when people see this Magic Nexian phone. By carrying out a design similar to the iPhone 4, Nexian seem to expect that this phone can be easily accepted by consumers. Nexian phone magic has a weight that is light enough for almost any body made of plastic with a rubbery textured silver frame around it.

At the front there is a front camera that has a VGA resolution and there is next to the earpiece that serves also as a speaker. Below this may be a capacitive touch screen measuring 3.5 inches, and just like an iPhone, there is a Home button that serves to return to the homescreen. At the back there is a resolution 2MP main camera and a LED flash. Magic at the bottom it says 8GB and statements. What is meant by this is the capacity of 8GB memory card in the inside of the phone so users do not change it to another memory card.

The right side there is a SIM tray just like the iPhone, but the Magic Nexian is still using the regular SIM card is not microSIM. The left side there is the option key at a time back when pressed for longer, and volume buttons.

The top there is a 3.5mm headset port and the lock / power. Just fill the bottom with a port for charging or data transfer. Under this section there is an accent on the phone like the iPhone speaker, in the user guide say so, but when we tried, the sound came not from himself but from the earpiece speaker.


Not stop at the design and the body only, but for the affairs of Nexian Magic interface apparently also applies IOS-like interface. Starting from the typical Apple lockscreen display by sliding the slider to unlock. When entering into a new homescreen there are slight differences, characteristic of Android Froyo presented it began to be seen here with seven homescreen pages that can be filled with various items such as shortcuts, widgets, folders, or to change the wallpaper. At the bottom of the homescreen center there are three keys to enter the dialer, menu, and browser.

To the main menu icons are also adapted from a row of icons at the IOS, visible from the square shape was accompanied by a solid black background, as well as the icon image with the same IOS as for the icon, browser, calculator, camera, clock, compass, contacts, and more. A row of icons here can not be changed its position. At the bottom there is a picture of the home button to return to the homescreen, as well as its function as a physical key existing home. To view the applications that we've opened, simply hold down the home it will be physically displayed a row of application icons that we never opened before. If it is shifted to the far left it will show a sort of mini-player as well as musk in IOS version 4, there is also an icon to lock the screen position.

For notification window still displays the same way with other Android, by sweeping the screen from top to bottom.

Input Text

In the default condition there is only a standard Android keyboard. There is also penganturan like vibrate, sound, and others. For the process of typing, the screen on the Nexian Magic has good performance, we do not experience problems in operation.


Display menu as well as contacts at IOS, the row names of the contacts appear to be grouped alphabetically, there is also an alphabet bar for a quick search on the right.

To add a new contact you can simply press the '+' at the top right, and there are many fields that can be charged as contact information. You can add a new contact and synchronize the accounts are available, such as from a Yahoo account, Facebook.


Message menu featured typical IOS simple, to create a new message you simply press the message button on the top right. You will immediately be brought to the editor, to add media items you should hold down the back, then you will see several options, one option to include the media item Or you can also press the camera image on the left. The conversation will be displayed in a chat format.

For email, there is Gmail as your primary email application, it looks just like the other Android phones. Perform a simple and intuitive. For other Email you can make the process of setting the Mail menu.

To chat applications, application default Talk is available as well as Yahoo messenger, do not miss the messenger application that's Nexian, Nexian Messenger.


Nexian Magic has a front camera VGA resolution (640x480) and a 2MP main camera resolution (1600 x 1200) equipped with fixed focus LED flash. As the camera in the iPhone interface, camera settings on the Nexian Magic was minimal. There is only settings for flash, HDR, and the camera switches to the next.

The results of the camera for taking pictures in the room does not arise a lot of annoying noise, but the results are less sharp looks a little blurry.

For outdoor shots colors were bright enough, but it looks less bright and opaque, less sharp.

Video Recorder

Magic Camera in Nexian can do video recording with CIF resolution 352 x 288 pixels with 15 fps frame rate. The results of the video recording is stored in .3 gp format. There is no setting for the video recorder for the Nexian Magic, only the option to turn on or turn off the lights just flash.


Photos menu actually contains a gallery menu if the air-OS Android smartphone others. Gallery view is similar to other Android, performed with a 3D effect. You can find a collection of pictures and videos here. You can do some minor editing actions such as croping, rotate. Images can be shared to various services such as Facebook, Messages, Bluetooth, and more. To perform the zoom you can do in three ways: pinch and zoom, double tap on a picture, or use the zoom button.

Video Player

Video files can be played through Photos (gallery), Music, or Videos menu. Video player interface in Nexian Messenger is a standard Android in the presence of Backward button, Play / Pause, and Fast Forward and the caption bar of video playback. 3gp and mp4 format files can be played on the Nexian Magic.

Music Players

With the shape and appearance of an iPhone-like interface, of course, the music player menu is also adapted from the music player on the iPhone. Music player interface that is exactly 95% the same as in the iPhone. Display a collection of music in Nexian Magic is divided into five tabs, namely Artist, Album, Tracks, Playlists, and Video.
Now Playing view is also exactly like the iPhone and iPod Touch, gesture that is also almost the same, do not miss also view Cover Flow.

The quality of the speakers at the Nexian Magic is quite clear but feels underpowered although the volume was set to maximum.

FM Radio

Well because this feature is not available in your iPhone, then to display the FM Radio has a resemblance to the radio feature in the fifth-generation iPod nano. As always, you must plug the headset in advance to enjoy this feature. You can store up to six favorite radio stations.


Magic runs on a network Nexian Dual Band GSM 900/1800 MHz and 2100 MHz WCDMA. For local connectivity there is Wi-Fi, a-GPS, Bluetooth. To connect to a PC there is a micro USB port which is useful also for charging the battery.

Nexian Magic brower performance is quite good, when we open a website TeknoUp mobile version can be opened smoothly. For the Full version can also be opened by either without constraints. These browsers support mutitab to amount to 8 tabs at once. This browser not support flash content.

Quadrant Standard: 469 points

Neocore 3D: 40.9 fps

Multitouch Test: maximum of 2 touches


There is no formal written about how much battery capacity is Nexian Magic and also because the battery cover would not open so we can not know, there is only information that Nexian Magic uses Lithium ion type batteries. But when we use this phone, battery life is quite simply to be with you all day.


With a body design and interface are similar to the iPhone, Magic Nexian like to draw the attention of consumers who want to have the output device, but Apple does not have sufficient budget. But unfortunately embedded in the mobile phone specification is fairly normal, considering the price is priced high enough for this phone in its class.


Body design and interface are similar to the iPhone
Light weight


The price is quite high (as seen from the specification)
Speakers are not powered
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