Review Specification BlackBerry Curve 9380 Curve Orlando Seri With Touch Screen

Once the presence of Orlando 9380 as handset BlackBerry OS 7 air of the Curve series, now Indonesia arrival Curve series handsets from the air the next 7 OS which has a touch screen design, the BlackBerry Curve 9380 - Orlando. With a shape similar to the BlackBerry Apollo but the presence of a QWERTY keyboard was replaced with a touch screen, as well as the specifications are not much different, about how feasible Was this handset to your own? Please read our review below.

Main specifications of the BlackBerry Curve 9380

Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
HSDPA 850/1900/2100
Capacitive touch screen 3.2-inch TFT (360x 480 pixels) ~ 188 ppi
806 MHz processor
BlackBerry OS 7
512 MB of internal memory, 512 MB RAM
5 MP camera (2592x1944 pixels) LED Flash
Lithium-Ion Battery 1230 mAh
Package Contents:

Curve 9380 handset
Data Cables
Charger head
Battery 1230 mAh
2GB MicroSD
Warranty cards and books

Design and Body

BlackBerry Curve 9380 has a form that could be considered the same as the BlackBerry 9360, differing only in the front of the field is filled with a touch screen. Berdimesi 109 x 60 x 11.2 mm and weighs approximately 98 grams, making the handset is light and thin so it is easy to carry.

The top of the face are the earpiece and LED indicator lights and there is a touch screen measuring 3.2 inches with a resolution of 360 x 480 pixels, and also the presence of the trackpad, 4 the standard BlackBerry functions. At the back there is a camera and LED flash at the top and bottom of the speaker. Just like the Curve 9360, the battery cover has a BlackBerry logo and is made of glossy plastic so easy to get dirty with finger spots. Backdoor BlackBerry Curve 9380 has a connector on the inside of the NFC.

On the left side there are only a USB micro holes. On the right side there are volume buttons, mute button (located between the volume), and the camera button (to change its function). The top there is a 3.5mm headset holes and lock button. The bottom looks plain. We found a fairly large cavity at the bottom of the function keys, so that dust and dirt can easily enter into this handset.


BlackBerry Curve 9380 using BlackBerry OS 7, which is the latest OS for the BlackBerry today. The quality of the display screen is quite bright and clear to pamper your eyes. But because the screen resolution is not too large, then the picture looks a little icon boxes, less subtle. Haptic feedback feature is also missing in this handset, so according to our experience in the selection screen feel less

7 OS interface is divided into several tabs that can slide to the left nor to right, are:
• All: contains all the applications on your BlackBerry
• Favorites: shows the applications that you have marked as favorites
• Media: Media display the contents of folders such as Music, Pictures, Videos, Video Camera, Podcast, Music Store
• Downloads: contains the application you've downloaded
• Frequent: contains the applications that you frequently use

All existing application icon can be changed to change its position to your liking. You can also change the wallpaper that also serves as a background tab menu.

A shortcut to the connectivity options, alarm, and status is still the same option can be accessed by clicking on the status bar. Profile, page notifications and universal search is also still exist in this OS 7.

Input Text

For text input, Curve 9380 using the virtual keyboard to choose the order such as the Full QWERTY, Sure Type, and Multi-Tap. Fairly good level of sensitivity of the keyboard, we do not have any problems during the process of typing. For some menus we can come up or eliminate the appearance of the keyboard.

But for physical buttons BlackBerry functions (call, menu, back, hang up) feels a little hard pressed and unfortunate enough why not just use a capacitive button. Because for those of you who used to hold the touch-screen handset (especially Android) you will feel awkward when they want to press the function key after using the touch screen.


Contact in the BlackBerry menu looks the same as the other BlackBerry smartphones. Perform simple and arranged in alphabetical order of names. Fields are also quite diverse for more details contact information. You can also synchronize your contacts with Facebook, or fuel, so if additional information such as photos, a place to work, etc. will be automatically updated on your contact list.


Messaging features into one excellent feature on the BlackBerry handset. So as to its performance can not be doubted. Especially like the push email from various providers can be delivered quickly and precisely.

Famous messenger application called BlackBerry Messenger also certainly present in this handset. This application is one of the BlackBerry's main weapon that makes the user difficult to move the liver disorder. As you know, fuel is sealed, it can only be invited through a pin, a fast and accurate delivery (depending on the connection), the ability to send images, sounds, location, and more. Especially when this fuel can be connected with applications that already support, so that the activities of messaging becomes more interesting and fun.

Next PIN message, you can send a PIN message to the destination address. Its function is similar to the email addresses are only using the PIN.

SMS features are also not forgotten. Shown with a simple format such as chat thread. Where internet connections are not reliable, which is the SMS feature your helper.


As in the Curve 9360, BlackBerry Curve 9380 also has a resolution of 5 MP camera with LED flash, and still the same without autofocus. This camera has a kind of focus EDoF (Extended Depth of Field) or Full Focus. So the results are good for taking pictures with a distance / overall. Unlike the Auto Focus, which is based on one point. But still, for shooting at close range and focus of the text of this EDoF unfavorable outcome.

Menu This camera has features such as Geotagging, LED Flash, and Scene Modes to choose from.

Scene Modes menu options such as:
• Auto
• Face Detection
• Potrait
• Sports
• Landscape
• Party
• Close-Up
• Snow
• Beach
• Night
• Text

Video Recorder

Blackberry Curve 9380 is only capable of recording video up to VGA resolution (640x480) only. There are several features such as a video light, image stabilization, scene mode (auto, portrait, landscape, closeup, beach). Video recordings are stored in 3GP format.


Display images in the Gallery menu BlackBerry Curve 9380 by folder. You can do the sorting based image retrieval time. Display can also be set to be arranged in a grid or list.

To view the next image before or you just wipe the screen to the left or right can also use the trackpad. As the current touch-screen handset, you can do the zooming with double tap or pinch to zoom. The process of rendering when zooming going pretty fast. There are also features slide shows with pan and zoom effects or slide.


BlackBerry is a typical display music by album art display which can be a big drag to select albums available quickly. You can browse your collection of songs based on all the songs, singers, album, genre, or playlist. There is also a selection of Audio Boost, Appereance, Equalizer and other. There is also a menu Amazon MP3 Music Store, to buy the song directly. BlackBerry Curve 9380 speaker quality is very good, voice sounded clear and loud.

Video Player
As on other BlackBerry handsets, video player is a simple look, not many features. With good quality and ample screen size, video is displayed to attract the eye to see it. Player on the Curve 9380 can play video in mp4 format,. M4a, .3 gp,. Avi,. Asf.

Browser on the BlackBerry Curve 9380 somewhat qualified. When we try to open a website full version, loading the rendering process was fast and good too. Although the position of the zoom out, but some posts are still legible.

For multitab ability we have tried up to 30 tabs and still could add a new tab, but began to feel the lag.

To test the browser via, Curve 9380's browser has the same result as that belonging Bold 9900 get 266 bonus points with 3 points.


BlackBerry Curve 9380 running dijaringan GSM 850/900/1800/1900; HSDPA 850/1900/2100. For local connectivity there is a GPS, NFC, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, microUSB v2.0, microSD up to 32GB.

Default Applications
• Amazon MP3 Music Store
• BrickBreaker
• Word Mole
• Wikitude
• Documents To Go
• Protect Blackberry
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Windows Live Messenger
• Yahoo Messenger
• Google Talk
• Social Feeds
• Youtube

Battery Life

BlackBerry Curve 9380 is powered with Li-Ion type JM1 (As the BlackBerry 9900, 9860, 9790) with a capacity of 1230 mAh. With a resolution of the touch screen is not too large, the Curve 9380 battery may simply accompany you all day in normal use and the level of brightness is. But then again, battery life depends a lot on how the use of user and network conditions of the operator.

As the first touchscreen handset in the Curve series, BlackBerry 9380 offers a new touch screen experience to the user in the entry-level class. By having a shape similar to the BlackBerry 9360, this handset looks stylish and comfortable to carry as thin and light but still mantab on the handheld. This handset also features an absent presence in the NFC handsets touch screen BlackBerry 9860.


The first touch screen handset in the Curve series
The design of thin, lightweight, handheld mantab in
BlackBerry OS 7


The camera does not autofocus
Function keys (call, menu, back, end call) physical form and hard
Battery cover broken fragile
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