Samsung Wave GT-S5753E

Samsung re-released smartphone OS Bada her his in Indonesia, the Samsung GT-S5753E Wave or Wave 575 short. Equipped with HSDPA, a WQVGA capacitive screen measuring 3.2 inches, 3.2MP camera, aGPS, and UI is typical Samsung TouchWiz version 3.0, the Samsung Wave 575 smartphone ready to compete with in price range USD216.61

Key Features

Dual-band HSDPA (900/2100MHz), EDGE / GPRS Quad-Band (850-900/1800/1900MHz)

TFT touch screen, capacitive, 262ribu color depth of color, WQVGA resolution (240 x 400 pixels), 3.2-inch, multitouch support,

TouchWiz UI 3.0

3.2 MP camera (2048x1536 pixels) with a Smile-Shot, 15fps QVGA video recorder


Bada OS 1.1

100MB internal memory, external Micro SD up to 16GB

Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0
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Sales Package

The sales package contains the Wave 575 include:
User Manual
Standard 3.5mm headset
Data cable
Warranty card (1 year)

Design and Body

The design of this smartphone is identical to other Wave 525 Wave already we have reviewed. The only difference is the 3G logo on the right above. Almost all of the smartphone is made of shiny plastic is easy to get dirty, especially on the screen.

At the top there is a standard 3.5 mm audio jack and micro USB type connector for the charger or data cable. The socket is protected by applying the sliding cover.

This smartphone screen type TFT capacitive (multitouch support) is large enough, 3., 2-inch, WQVGA resolution (240x400) and color depth of 262K colors. The resulting color reproduction is pretty good smartphone, and the brightness and contrast are also very good. Phone screen is quite good even if only a WQVGA resolution. Colors that look good, viewing angle (viewing angle) is also quite good.
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Interface used by the Wave 575 will be very familiar to lovers of Samsung, TouchWiz is used because it uses a touch screen smartphone made by Samsung since Samsung Omnia. More precisely the version used is a TouchWiz TouchWiz 3.0, the same as on the Samsung Galaxy S.
Unlock the screen is done by simply swiping the screen. This way we thought it was easier than unlock iPhone style. Similar to the Galaxy S, at the very top there is a notification bar that can be rolled down. This notification bar contains shortcut buttons WiFi, Bluetooth, and profiles. At the bottom there are incoming messages, notification of the application is running, and incoming email. Unfortunately Wave 575 is equipped with LED lights such notification on the Blackberry and Android handsets.
Homescreen is used by default there are three very distinctive style of Android wallpaper used herein, the image continued to connect between the three-page homescreen it. The number of pages can be added depending on the number of widgets you use. Widgets are available such as weather info, google search, yahoo, galleries, and others. Similarly, menu, more and more applications are installed, the more the number of pages increased from the default of three.


Input Text

Wave 575 use capacitive screens which are no doubt the level of sensitivity. Therefore we need not worry if you have long-term typing on the smartphone. Moreover, there are many options for inputting text, such as the QWERTY (portrait / landscape), the standard keypad (abc), and something that has a lot left that is handwriting recognition.


As today's smartphones, smartphone can be to synchronize contacts with your Facebook account and Twitter us. The data from Facebook as a birthday, email address also is in contact. Existing contacts can be marked with a star (favorite). In addition we can also group your contacts.


Message is displayed on the smartphone with the conversation mode, or better known as the Thread Mode making it easier for us to see the conversation between you and your colleagues. It seems like the features of this mode thread is already a mandatory feature for mobile phones today. The phone supports multiple email accounts. This smartphone also supports push email, but from our experience push email on Android and Blackberry smartphone faster than the Wave 575.
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Instant Messenger on the menu there are three popular types of Messenger that you can use, namely Yahoo, GTalk, and Windows Live. Strangely enough, to access this menu you should use a SIM card, although the messenger can still be done using WiFi.


Wave 575 has a rear camera of 3.2 megapixel resolution (2048x1536 pixels), which unfortunately has no autofocus or flash lights. The camera is equipped with smile shot that will capture the image automatically if the object is photographed smiling. The trick is that you press the shutter button first, then the camera takes the photo automatically when the object is photographed smiling. Hayden Panettierre photo below is an example of the results of the Smile Shot. The photo is quite nice, quite dependable when bright lighting. Following the Wave 575 Samsung camera

Interface typical camera phone Samsung since Samsung Jet. Although it does not have autofocus, the camera features are complete enough, among others: Shooting mode (single, Smile shot, continuous, panorama, mosaic, and frame), Scene (Landscape, Night, Sports, Party / indoor, Beach / snow, sunset , dawn, fall color, fireworks, candlelight, Against the light), White balance (Auto, Daylight, incandescents, Fluorescent, Cloudy), Timer (2,5,10 seconds), Brightness (-2 to +2), resolution ( 3.2 MP, 2MP, 1.3MP, 0.1MP, 2.4MP wide, wide 1.5MP, 0.1MP and wide), effects (sepia, black and white, and negative), exposure metering, picture quality, and geo-tagging.

Video recorder

The video recorder has a maximum resolution of QVGA (320x240) and QCIF (176x144) which is used to send MMS. Framerate was just hover around 15fps. Video recorder features less than the camera, only duration (normal / MMS only), effects, white balance and brightness.

Music Players

The music player on the Wave 575 has the full effects. There equalizer (normal, pop, rock, jazz, dance, classic, live) and other effects that can be integrated with the existing equalizer (wide, concert hall, music clarity, bass enhancement, externalization and 5.1 channel). But we can not customize the equalizer itself. The resulting sound is quite tinny loudspeaker, although somewhat broken, but it still sounds pretty good. If using a headset sounds better because the effects are better accommodated
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Video Player

Video player on the Wave 575 can only play format. Mp4 and .3 gp only (maximum resolution of 320x240), is quite unfortunate given many smartphones as well as non-smartphones that can play more formats like divx / xvid even. Mkv. We expect there will be developers who make universal video player application for OS Bada.

Photo Gallery

Gallery in Wave 575 does not stand alone, you must access the My Stuff to look at the photographs on this phone. Zooming can be done with pinch and zoom. To see pictures of the next and previous, in addition to swiping the screen to the intended direction, we can do this by tilting the phone to the left (previous picture) and right (next photo). However if it feels annoying, this feature can be turned off, in the Settings → Orientation → Gestures. Photos / images can be sent directly there via MMS, Bluetooth and e-mail, in-upload to Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, and Photobucket. There is also a simple image editor where you can set the brighness / contrast, adding effects, to resize, rotate and do the cropping of the image.


This smartphone runs on the GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and 3G network HSDPA 900/2100. For local connectivity there is Bluetooth version 3.0 with A2DP support, and support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. To transfer or synchronize phone data to PC and vice versa you can use the microUSB data cable included with the sale of mobile phones in the box. Selection of micro USB is wise because it is more and more handsets any operating system that uses micro USB. For mass storage, which is readable on a PC is micro SD.


Browsing congenital Wave 575 supports pinch and zoom are already popular. The browser is able to open a tab to 5 pieces. Quite a bit of it, but the number of tabs opened are incriminating phone, after all, Wave 575 specification does not seem so high considering the price offered is cheaper than other smartphones. But we can open a version of the desktop without the constraints means, though browsing the site krang convenient desktop version to do a phone with such a small screen resolution of Samsung Wave 575. On Wave 575 browser does not support flash, when we opened the site Youtube videos desktop version can not diplay.

Social Hub

Social Hub combines social networking and your message. All SMS, MMS, email, Facebook inbox, Direct Message Twitter is available here.


Up to 575 Wave arguably mediocre, nothing special. No chat, background notification, but can upload images. In general not much different from the open through the browser.


Twitter application was also unremarkable, no different than opening it through the browser.
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As Search on iOS 3 and above, we can find whatever there is in these smartphones, such as contacts, messages, images, music, video, documents, even a menu, bookmark, and help.
The GT-S5753E Wave Review Gallery

Samsung Apps

Kind of "Market" to sell the Bada application. Many applications are available free of charge because according to Samsung Bada is positioned as a smartphone all walks of life.


This is not an application, but only the shortcut access to YouTube Mobile site,


Applications using the map on the Wave 575 Route 66. The application is quite appropriately and generously but fairly slow rendering maps. There is also a Google Maps version 2.3.2 as an alternative.


There are two games available is Tumbling Dice (simulator is a simple dice shaker) and Parachute Panic, a simple game on parachutes and skydiving.
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Battery Life

Samsung Wave 575 type Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh, the same as that used Samsung Wave 525. With a 3G smartphone, do not be surprised if the stand-Wave 575 more briefly than its twin non 3G Wave 525.


Smartphone is almost no difference with her smartphone OS Bada other we have reviewed, the Samsung Wave 5253. The difference is very minor, the biggest difference is only a 3G network on the Wave 575. Given the 3G in Indonesia is still not as good abroad, the price difference with Wave 525 can be an obstacle. But these features are enough to compete with the smartphone class. Bada OS is still not popular and have not had a lot of interesting applications, but the fact that the Samsung as the number two mobile phone vendor in the world can certainly be expected.


Capacitive touch screen is nice, responsive and supports pinch and zoom
Already supporting 3G
WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth 3.0

Social Hub

Bada application is still little
The camera does not berautofokus and do not have flash lights
only QVGA 15fps video recording, as well as the video player
No LED lights to indicate the notification
Facebook (Applications)

Upload a photo: Yes
Update status: Yes
Photo Album: Yes
Comments: Yes
Inbox: Yes
News Feeds: Yes

Twitter (Applications)

Update status: Yes
Upload the photo: No
Reply: Yes
Retweet: Yes
DM: Yes


Resolution: 3.15 megapixels
Circumstances: the Light
Flash: No
Autofocus: No
Zoom: 2x
Features: Choice of image resolution (3.2 MP, 2MP, 1.3MP, 0.1MP, 2.4MP wide, wide 1.5MP, 0.1MP and wide), color effects (sepia, black and white, and negative), exposure metering (matrix, center, spot), image quality (excellent, good, normally), shooting mode (single, continuous, mosaic, smile shot, panorama, frames), scene modes (night, party / indoor, landscape, sports, beach / snow, sunset, color of fall, candlelight, dawn, fireworks, agains the light), geotagging, white balance (auto, incandescent, cloudy, daylight, fluorescent), self timer (2, 5, 10 seconds), as much as 2x digital zoom, and EV

Video Camera

Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240 pixels), 15 frames per second
The dark: Light
Flash: No
Frames per second: -
Features: Choice of video resolutions (QVGA, QCIF), color effects (sepia, black and white, and negative), the video quality (excellent, good, normal), audio (on / off), white balance (auto, incandescent, cloudy, daylight, fluorescent), self timer (2, 5, 10 seconds), as much as 2x digital zoom, and EV

Setting Internet

Setting manual or automatic: Automatic


Kompass Digital: No
A-GPS: Yes
Map default: Yes, Google Maps Version 2.3.2


Format: HTML
Flash Player: Yes
Performance: slow when many tabs open
Support lots of windows: 5 tabs


Multitouch touch screen measuring 3.2 inches TFT capacitive technology, the color depth of 262K colors, 240 x 400 pixel resolution


Type what: Bada OS Version 1.1


Type: virtual QWERTY keyboard, virtual keypad, and handwriting recognition
The sensitivity of the screen: quite sensitive


The default application: Yes, Picsel Viewer

Media & Multimedia

Music player for MP3, WAV, AAC
Photo gallery video: Yes, use the Gallery
Share functions: Email, Bluetooth, MMS


Type: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Shortcut on / off: There, the notification
Signal: Stable


3G support: yes, HSDPA 900/2100
Band: Quad Band GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Version: Bluetooth version 3.0 with A2DP support


The use of SMS and MMS: Easy
Email support: IMAP4 and POP3 protocols
Other Features: Threaded messaging
Email attachment: image files, office files, etc..


Durability (Standby): 5 days)
Talk time: 5 hours
Operation to play music: -
Battery type and capacity: Li-Ion 1200 mAh


Audio: Yes, through a browser
Video: Yes, through a browser (YouTube)


Support format: -
Market app / Place Download: Samsung App Store
List of Application:
-Music player
Picsel Viewer-

- Route 66
-Google Maps
-Yahoo Messenger


SMS: Yes, sounds and notifications on the home screen
Email: Yes, sounds and notifications on the home screen
Chats: Yes, sounds and notifications on the home screen
Facebook: Yes, the update status on home screen
Twitter: Yes, the update status on home screen

Ring tones

Format: MP3, WAV, and AAC
MP3 as ringtone: Yes, via the music player and profile
MP3 as sms: Yes
MP3 as email: No


Shortcut or the normal profile settings: On the menu
Type: Normal, silent, meeting, outdoor, driving
Airplane mode: Yes


Startup time: 20 seconds


Default: Tumbling Dice, Parachute Panic.
Place download: Samsung App Store


Image formats: JPEG, GIF
Size: 240 x 400 pixels
Photo as wallpaper: Yes, through the gallery and customization


Touchscreen: Yes
Others: -
Use: Easy to use

Synchronize to Computer

Media: microUSB data cable, and Bluetooth
Application: Samsung PC Sync
Mode: In Mass Storage / Modem


Internal (Application): 100 MB
Support memory cards: MicroSD up to 16GB

Telephone book

Capacity: Not limited
Data: Email, IM address, personalized ringtones, contact group, home address, office address, etc. to complete the contact information in the phonebook.
OTA synchronization: sync Google, Facebook and Twitter
Photo: Yes, from the contact
Backup: SIM Card, google sync, PC Suite
Offline Contacts Backup application (computer): SIM card
Support file backup: -

Phone Calls

Speed ​​dialing, voice dialing (speaker independent) and voice commands
Records of outgoing calls, incoming and missed calls
Conference call
Integrated handsfree speaker

Home Screen, Themes & Personalization

Maximal amount: Depends many widget
Displacement: Current
Performance: Current
Widget Support: Yes
Hotkey Support: Yes


Front of the screen can be adjusted:
-Home screen
-Type font (Font Samsung and Rosemary)


Jackaudio: There, 3.5mm
FM Radio: Yes, requires headset to play
Akeselerometer: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Keypad tone: Yes
Charging port: Yes, microUSB
Unlocked and the lock: Press the power button
Hot swap: Yes
Speaker: toned voice, somewhat broken at the highest level
Plane modes: Offline mode
USB: MicroUSB for data and charging
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