Sony Xperia Go ST27i Reviews

As the successor to Active Xperia, Sony Xperia Go targeting the center category at a value of $300. automaton smartphone is supplied with a three.5 in. HVGA resolution (480x320), 5MP camera and IP67 rating, identical resistance level with Active Xperia. currently battery-powered by a 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9 NovaThor with Mali400 GPU and 512MB of RAM, the phone continues to be exploitation the automaton a pair of.3 cake, and can shortly get associate degree upgrade to automaton four.0.

Sales Package

standard telephone receiver MH410c
charger + knowledge cable
one year warrantee card
Startup guide
micro SIM adapter into a typical SIM card

Endurance take a look at In water

IP67 certified as a movable that's claimed by Sony are often spent to a water depth of one meter, creating United States of America curious to do it. it's not too extreme, simply enter go in the bowl of water whereas taking part in HD video and receive phone calls. within the water, carrying the response screen wasn't smart. For out of water, underneath the hand and therefore the screen is wet is not any downside in terms of screen response. once the mobile phone into the water, electrical phenomenon buttons below the screen responds to water pressure, however it slow later once it entered the total, no problem. Please watch the subsequent video for a lot of details.


Design and Body

The shape of the Xperia Go fully totally different compared to the terribly slang Xperia Active and jazzy with white. Still features a characteristic vogue Xperia phones recently with a rather elegant style parallelogram within the corners, the edge round the phone is coated with textured plastic materials. At rock bottom of the phone makes associate degree indentation into the. there's a notification crystal rectifier lights on the highest right.

The back is that the battery cowl with identical material because the edge before. Hand everybody is totally different, however holding this phone back cowl roughness texture is incredibly pronounced, like holding a stone, however after all software package. to scrub it you must use a soft artifact like eyeglasses artifact, if you utilize a tissue, the tissue are destroyed and Crumbs stuck there. All holes that permit water or mud get into the phone is closed tightly and absolutely. within the lower right corner of the phone there's a niche for the strap, there's additionally a lever if you wish to open the quilt. Open it up pretty simply, in contrast to the Xperia modern L arduous and wish additional energy. the rear cowl material is incredibly skinny, therefore there's a way of dread once broken open.

The inside of the phone is blue. in contrast to Active Xperia wherever this half are often opened once more for the battery slot, small Coyote State and SIM card, Xperia enter this section area unit fastened. Impact, you'll not replace the battery of this phone vainly. whereas the small Coyote State slot and therefore the SIM card is on the correct aspect. No adapter within the sales package for you that your SIM card has been exploitation this kind of microSIM.


Substantial increase compared to the Xperia Active in massive screen (3 inches vs. 3.5 inches), it's not among a rise in screen resolution. Still exploitation HVGA resolution (320x480 pixels), with a size three.5-inch, 165 ppi, that is resembling the iPhone 3G value doesn't vary abundant with this phone. however compared with similar value automaton phone even below it, like the Sony Xperia U, Ray, Neo L, LG Optimus Black, Samsung Galaxy Ace a pair of, HTC want VC, everybody was exploitation FWVGA screen (854x480) or WVGA (800x480). therefore concerning the sharpness of the screen, Xperia Go could be a very little less. For color and distinction area unit quite smart particularly in multimedia system, as a result of there's Bravia Engine, except for the perceived lack of fine visual angle. The ensuing color tends to yellow.

Input text, Contact and electronic messaging, Timescape

Keyboard is accessible for the Xperia Xperia Go Keyboard with commonplace options like language writing, suggestion, fast fixes et al.. With a 3.5 inch, the breadth of roughly phone just like the iPhone, typewriting one or 2 hands area unit still quite comfy.

Contact with different automaton phones, are often synchronic with a Google account, Facebook, Twitter and different on-line accounts, imports through the SIM and small Coyote State card, and connect with the backup of the laptop Companion.

Available for electronic messaging is SMS, MMS, email via Gmail and different accounts, furthermore as a Google + Instant traveler and Google speak traveler.

Timescape could be a distinctive feature of the Sony Xperia smartphone, combines Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to an area with a pretty scrolling show. Here additionally you'll update the standing to Facebook and Twitter.


Screen resolution and automaton versions could also be identical, however the interface is totally different Go and Active. Active if the interface continues to be exploitation phone-style interface variety of low-end Sony, Go interface is exploitation identical interface with the Xperia S. exploitation automaton a pair of.3.7, Xperia Go has secure that there's associate degree update to automaton four.0 ICS by Sony. With a 1GHz twin core processors and GPU Mali400 and low-resolution screen, glorious performance and swish Xperia Go either to the transfer of the most screen and transition effects that it absolutely was running swimmingly.

On the screen you'll lock directly into the camera with sweep unlock slider to the left. as was common the most menu consists of five pages. you'll add widgets, shortcuts and folders here. Pinch the screen can show the homescreen summary Mode. As for the most menu as a result of the restricted screen size of the icons displayed solely four columns x three rows area unit organized horizontally. The arrangement are often modified at can you. just like the different greenhorn Xperia phones have a spread of color themes to alter the planning of your phone instantly. within the bar there was no notification of something apart from notification after all.



Exactly with Active, Xperia Go stapled a five megapixel camera with optical device and crystal rectifier flash, furthermore as 720p recording. With the Sony-style interface is simple to use, its options embrace a 3D sweep panorama mode, multi-angle sweep, sweep panorama, a spread of scenes, dynamical the eV, flash, resolution, smile detection, ISO, white balance, metering, geo taging and shutter sound. Its use is pretty simple, however sadly there's no physical camera button. For there's a spotlight mode optical device single mode, multi optical device, face detection, bit focus and time. whereas the strategy will capture pictures via buttons on screen, may use the bit screen (touch to capture). sadly, just like the Xperia Active, no front camera on the Xperia Go, therefore you'll have problem if you wish to egotistical within the swimming bath.

The camera is pretty smart, though noise in indoor conditions it additionally feels less merajalela.Lampu flash facilitate. except for outside conditions furthermore as associate degree abundance of sunshine, the result's smart and quite clear. Please click on the photos below to look at the full-resolution conditions.

Video Recorder

For the video recorder which will record up to 720p HD resolution, its options embrace Scenes, EV level, flash mode, focus mode, face detection, white balance, metering, image stabilizer, and capturing technique with on-screen button or bit capture . Video recordings area unit pretty smart and swish movements. The ensuing bitrate is 12000kbps, with a framerate of thirty frames per second, manufacturing a video file of 90MB for every minute 720p video made. it's quite serious compared to the Xperia modern L 45MB/menit solely,

Photo and Video Gallery, Music Player, FM Radio

This phone uses a typical gallery cake automaton a pair of.3 phone, however else that Facebook integration is deep enough, your photos from the album show up in your account here, however definitely to examine photos of the web affiliation is needed. there's a straightforward writing options like Crop, Rotate, see the ikon details, and to play slideshow to a folder within the gallery. Files are often shared through Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, Messaging, Picasa, DLNA and WhatsApp and after all many different applications that you just install.

As usual Sony reluctant to pin an ardent video player for movable, all connected with the video gallery. options solely pause, quick forward and backward solely. For the video format which will be contend by a awfully swimmingly among others:. Mp4 720p. 720p mov, avi (DivX / XviD). For 720p mkv format was distorted however not swish and somewhat broken, though the synchronic sound with the image. so Xperia Go already exploitation Bravia Engine, however the screen resolution could be a bit less for a three.5-inch screen size makes the pleasure of look the video doesn't provide the maximum amount pleasure within the resolution Xperia U FWVGA.

The music player appearance just like the Xperia Xperia Go particle, powerful music player that has several options and a pleasant read. Its options embrace edit song data, album art which will be entered manually, do a hunt for video clips of the song presently taking part in on Youtube, the musician yearning for information on Wikipedia, yearning for the lyrics, furthermore as vocalizing versions on Youtube. The division among different songs by track, album, artist, playlist, SensMe Channels, and My Favorite. after all you'll produce your own playlists with ease. additionally there area unit shuffle mode and repeat mode. Arrangements for the sound effects area unit there's associate degree atomic weightualizer (make your own settings or opt for the quality eq like Rock, Jazz, Pop etc.), options electro-acoustic transducer Surround for three-dimensional sound effects once employing a telephone receiver to listen to the song either Studio, Concert, options xLOUD to extend the background level of the phone speaker unit. however despite xLOUD alter sound output from the speaker unit however not too tight. to pay attention to the radio, you must use a telephone receiver that works as associate degree antenna. Station ID are often displayed (if any)


Go Xperia 850/1800/1900/2100 runs on Quadband network and HSDPA 900/2100. different property area unit a-GPS, Bluetooth three.0, WiFi (802.11 b / g / n) with DLNA capabilities and a wireless fidelity hotspot, and small USB (for mass storage and laptop set exploitation the Sony Ericsson laptop Companion).

Web Browser
Performance as an online browser to stream Youtube videos directly from the browser is pretty smart. Play the 720p resolution is broken, however there's no advantage play 720p video at HVGA screen. 480p video is turned by a awfully swimmingly, either fullscreen mode or not. Overall performance once gap a web site packed with content furthermore as an entire nice and swish, with a most of tabs which will be detached to eight items. additionally there area unit a spread of default settings like browser history, cookies, javascript et al..


Quadrant Standard: 2289 points
Mutitouch Tester: up to four bit
NenaMark2: forty two.5 fps
CamSpeed: see ikon
SunSpider: 2690.5 ms
BrowserMark: sixty nine 321 points

Battery endurance

With solely a 1305 mAh battery capability, expect plenty of arduous Xperia enter terms of battery endurance. Moreover, employing a spare battery can't be fastened as a result of it's settled. For sturdiness, lasts for nine to five work hours is sweet enough if you utilize pretty hardcore.


Mobile phones with water and mud resistance was seldom there. Xperia go in the gap continues to be wide open market, however after all, sacrificing some options as compared with encompassing phones that price Rp. 3 million, for instance Xperia Sola that uses identical processor and GPU to travel, however the screen features a resolution of FWVGA. additionally there want VC, however the twin SIM phones area unit still exploitation single core processors. For a rather cheaper value you'll even get a mobile phone mid-end twin core with a more robust screen like Sola Xperia, Xperia U, Samsung Galaxy Ace a pair of. However, as mentioned earlier, Xperia Go could be a distinctive mobile while not plenty of competitors. To make sure the phone is ideal for the audacious (not heavy) with options which will be thought-about fashionable. the selection is yours.


Water and mud resistant
Good performance with dual-core processors
The video recorder nice for the scale of 720p
micro Coyote State slot

still exploitation the automaton a pair of.3 cake (there are updates ICS)
Resolution little screen in its category
there is no camera button
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