Smartfren Andromax V Reviews

Smartfren Andromax V Reviews

Continued success Andromax I and U , CDMA operators Smartfren re-released several Android devices . The flagship of this time is Andromax Smartfren - V , which is a rebrand of ZTE N986 . Andromax - V carry specifications such as dual SIM ( CDMA EVDO Rev. A and GSM EDGE ) 5 -inch IPS screen with HD resolution of 1280x720p , MediaTek MT6589 processor 1.2 GHz quad - core , PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU , 1GB of RAM , 4GB of internal memory , camera the main 8MP with LED flash , 2.300mAh battery , and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is priced at Rp 2.3 million . With middle-class prices , specs fairly interesting . What about performance? Listen to continue our review below .

Sales package :

Smartfren prime card ( RUIM )
User Registration and Terms & Conditions
Warranty Card
user Manual
Charger and USB Cables
Handsfree Stereo .

Full Specs and Price A ndromax V

Impression Design and Materials
When first glance , direct looks that Andromax V more bulky than Andromax U. Design and material also looks less good than the U. But no matter , because the bulky body to accommodate the screen size of 5 inches . The design itself is similar to the Nexus S , with a curved body angle . With the overall material of plastic , nothing special from design V. Although it is quite relative and subjective, I feel the design Andromax U better both in terms of visual and feel grip than the magnitude brother .

At the 5 inch screen dominates the front of the entire face of the phone , with the front camera on the earpiece as well . Andromax V uses capacitive touch buttons , the back , Home and Menu . Black unit that we reviewed had a touch of metallic in both whole body and bezel side. Micro USB port for the charger and connect your phone to the computer on the left side , together with the volume buttons , while the 3.5 mm audio jack and the power / lock there on . Rear cover can be opened easily , where you can insert the SIM card ( normal size ) and RUIM cards , as well as a slot for a micro SD and do not forget the battery capacity of 2300 mAh removable .


In terms of display , the dimension of V Andromax does have advantages over U , but about the quality ( contrast , brightness and saturation ) Andromax U is superior . V does not mean ugly screen , even if the phone compared with 2-3 million price range , screen Andromax V is among the most good . Moreover, the resolution was already HD 1280x720 pixels and a size of 5 inches , producing a screen density of 294 ppi . The color is vibrant and warm , typical IPS screen , as well as the characteristic reddish . Angle vision is not perfect , but not bad . Anyway , the screen quality Andromax V unquestionable .


Unlike the inter-face U Andromax minimal change from the standard , in Andromax V pretty much changes were made , though most of the cosmetic nature . Since it uses Android 4.2 , on page lockscreen you can put a widget ( to the left of the page ) and a shortcut to the camera by sliding the lockscreen to the right page . Mode lock screen can be replaced with Slide , Face Unlock , Unlock Voice , Pattern , PIN and Password

By default , the Home screen using a digital clock and weather widgets . Also there are widgets that can Smartfren Customer Info menginfokan phone number , status , and usage and remaining balance . Homescreen consists of 5 pages , can be used up to a maximum of 9 pages . There is a page number listed at the bottom . You can select the page to be displayed as a Home . With a 720p resolution screen , you can display 4x4 icons . Underneath adaikon Contacts , Phone , Menu , Messaging and Browser the structure and composition can change at will , unless the Access Menu .

Standard notification bar phone with Android 4.2 , with a digital clock and date display , access to clean notification and extend access to notifications , such as Quick Toggle style phones Samsung and LG , there is access to the brightness , Settings , WiFi , Emergency Calls , indicators battery , airplane mode and Bluetooth , GPS , Data Connection , Data Usage , Audio Profiles , Timeout and Auto Rotation . There is information owner , however, you must first log on Google+ . On the main menu there are 2 main sections namely Apps and Widgets . Existing applications can be developed based on the alphabet , time , common use and manual . The menu is arranged horizontally , this time 5x4 app icons .

There are several Theme that can be selected , such as Default , Car , Comes From Me and Tea Time . Replacement ranged in digital clock widget and background colors in the application drawer . Features built-in Android 4.2 which is Daydream which is sort Screen Saver , you can display the clock , BeanFlinger , Color , Google Currents , Photo Frame , and Photo Table all by first making arrangements . To Daydream can be directly activated , or set to turn on when you plug the phone into the Dock or download the mobile phone charging . For performance no doubt , this phone interface is relatively light because it is quite similar to the standard Android 4.2 in general . Moreover, supported processor and GPU that is qualified and Project Butter of Android Jelly Bean that allows the interface runs at a speed of 60 fps .

Contacts and Messaging

Not much changes on the menu People ( contacts ) . There are group and favorite for ease of grouping your friends . As with other Android devices you can sync your contacts with GMail account , Facebook , Twitter and others , of course, if the social networking applications already on your phone . For new contacts , some additional fields that can be selected is the ringtone , IM , Email , Postal , Organization , Notes , Nickname , Website and Internet Call . There is a dual SIM management settings , you can choose the card that is used to default when receiving or making calls , texting and to surf . Additionally , you can choose the main card that will be used when in roaming conditions .

For any business messaging standards , there are SMS , MMS , Email and Instant Messaging . SMS is displayed in the mode like a chat conversation . In addition to conversation mode , no Box mode , the messages distributed by the Inbox , Outbox , and Draftbox Sentbox . While you can use a Gmail email that has many similar features as the desktop version . It also can use other email client , use the email application . While available for Instant Messaging and Google Talk is Google Messenger , besides of course you can add third-party applications such as Google PlayStore Line , WhatsApp , IM and so on .

For typing Andromax V using TouchPal Android Keyboard and Keyboard . For TouchPal , there are several types of layout like phonepad ( abc/123 ) and QWERTY . Of course do not miss the standard features such as spellcheck , prediction , auto correction and so on . With a 5 -inch screen , comfortable two-handed typing is done , while one hand is not as comfortable as the two hands , but it can still be done well .

Camera and Video Recorder

Features that exist in the default camera app pretty much Andromax V . The interface for the camera and a video recorder into one , with two capture buttons . In camera mode if you hold the capture button , the phone will perform continuous shoot up to a maximum of 99 pieces . For features include:

HDR mode
beauty face capture mode
panorama mode
Multi angle capture ( recording moving images )
Smile shot
Best picture

While there are some general settings that include:

exposure levels
GPS based location determination
color effects
white balance
image properties ( setting the level of sharpness , hue , saturation, brightness and contrast )
anti flicker

Dedicated camera settings :

face detection
line composition
self timer
continuous shot
preview size

Special arrangements video recorder

audio mode ( and normal meeting )
time lapse
video quality

The images have a punchy color , although not natural but as this is what most people like . Weakness , the image 's noise in low lighting conditions that appear quite disturbing . Please see the photos below , click to view original size . If you want to see the original file , download it at this link .

Results of video recording has vivid colors and punchy like the camera . Noise is still felt in low lighting . But the video recording is wasteful of storage . One minute recording 1080p video in 3gp format produces a file of 174MB ( 24 thousand kbps , 30 fps ) .

photo gallery

Andromax V uses the same gallery with the built-in Android 4.2 . Photos and videos can diliat by albums , locations , times , people and tags . Albums can be synchronized with your Google+ account . Photos can be shared to social networking and messaging , can also be rotated , dicrop , used as wallpaper and view detailed info. Android 4.2 now has features similar editing Instagram , there is a kind of punch filters , vintage , bleach , etc. , can be added picture frame , then edit the brightness , contrast , vibrance , sharpness and others.

Video player

Andromax V has a dedicated video player , with features that are quite capable. Only drawback , subtitle . Srt not be read by this application . Video formats that can be played smoothly alone can be up to 1080p resolution , among other files . Mkv , . Mp4 , . Mov , and . Avi . When you can play videos from a touch screen lock . The screen brightness and volume can be changed directly from the video player screen . One thing that is interesting , it turns out Andromax V supports Pop - Up Video , which was popularized by Samsung Galaxy SIII . This feature allows you to play videos while doing other activities on the phone . Video window can be minimized through the pinch - to-zoom .

Music Player

To listen to the song , Andromax V using Google Play Music app , which is inherited from the Android system . Actually it does not matter , because its application was complete enough . There is a queue feature , shuffle , thumbs up and added last , shared songs by playlist , recent , artist , albums , songs , genres . Equalizer can be switched on , in addition there are FX booster form of bass boost and 3D effect and Reverb Presets . Congenital own equalizer settings there rock , pop , classic , and so on . You also can create their own eq settings . Quality loudspeaker mediocre , quite hard and not too soft , just deafening . Andromax V also has an FM radio , but as usual you have to use a headset to mobile phones can capture the audio signal .


GSM ( maximum internet EDGE ) and CDMA ( EVDO Rev . A )
Wi - Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n , DLNA , Wi - Fi hotspot
Bluetooth v 3.0
GPS with A - GPS support

web Browser

There are two default web browser Andromax V , which is the default browser Chrome and Android . Number of tabs that can be opened browser tabs default maximum is 16 , is more than enough for normal use . Seamless web performance and smooth , even open a page filled with lots of content . Its features include bookmark , share , find, incognito tab , request for the desktop web ( browser option to always open the desktop version of the site ) , save for offline reading , and others such as the homepage , form auto -fill , cache , history , cookies , passwords , text size and zoom, javascript , plugins , and others. There Accessibility features for your comfort in surfing the internet , such as controlling the scale text , zoom on double tap , the minimum font size that appears , and rendering inverted ( black to white and vice versa ) . : 434 points

Sunspider : 1543.9ms

Benchmark results

Antutu : 13493 points

Quadrant Standard : 3944 points

Nenamark 2 : 44.2 fps

Multitouch Tester : up to 10 touch

Battery Durability

HD Video Playback : 10 hours

Test Screenshot : 9 hours 5 minutes


In the price versus features , Smartfren Andromax V is okay . Than products in the same price range (Rp 2-3 million ) as VC HTC Desire , Xperia J , LG L7 II and others , Andromax V has the advantage of being quite noticeably , among others, good performance , the batteries that have sufficient durability long , and the screen has a resolution of 720p HD and large ( 5 inches ) . It's just a little less attractive in design , plus the body feels big and heavy compared to other phones 5 inches .


5 -inch screen HD quality
good performance
Battery life is quite capable
removable battery
There is a micro SD slot
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


Bongsor size and weight
Standard design , finishing less good
GSM only alternative to surf (up to EDGE only)

Smartfren Andromax V Reviews
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