Samsung Wave GT-S5253 Reviews

Samsung Wave GT-S5253

Samsung Wave 525, or whose full name is the Samsung GT-S5253, is a Bada OS smartphone with a Samsung. Smartphone is quite affordable, with approximately $160 only money you already have a smartphone with a pretty good specs. You get a smartphone with a capacitive screen that supports multitouch, the interface is typical Samsung TouchWiz 3.0, and the design is pretty good. This is because Samsung is positioned as a smartphone OS Bada for all circles.

The main specifications:

GPRS / EDGE GSM 850/900/1800/1900
TFT touch screen, capacitive, 262ribu color, resolution 240 x 400 pixels, 3.2 inches, supports multitouch zooming, the Inter-face TouchWiz 3.0
3.2 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, 15fps QVGA video recorder
Bada OS 1.1
100MB internal memory, up to 16GB external
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, bluetooth 3.0
Box of Sales

Fill the box / boxes are just standard smartphone sales, such as charger, data cable, handsfree, warranty cards, manuals and books. There is no driver CD or micro SD.

Design and External Display

The first time we saw this phone, the design of the front is very similar to Galaxy S, with the 3 buttons below the screen that hangs on the button, the menu / back, and hang up buttons. Can say it looks more interesting than previous Samsung touch screen phones such as Samsung Star.

Materials of this phone is almost entirely made of glossy plastic material. At the very top of any standard 3.5 mm audio jack and a socket for the charger or data cable. The socket is protected by applying the sliding cover.

The right side there is a shortcut key or the camera shutter and on / off button that also serves as the lock screen.

The left side there are only a volume control knob.

The back there is a 3.2 megapixel camera and loudspeaker at the bottom.

This smartphone screen type TFT capacitive, 240x400 resolution, color depth of 262K colors and measuring 3.2 inches. The resulting color reproduction is pretty good smartphone, and the brightness and contrast are also very good. Although only a WQVGA resolution (240x400) and only 262 thousand color depth, you could say the phone screen is best in its class. When used in the hot sun screen looks pretty clear. Visual angle (viewing angle) is also quite good. We are very satisfied with the performance of this smartphone screen.


Interface using the Samsung GT-S5253 interface is typical Samsung TouchWiz 3.0, therefore the display screen of this smartphone is very similar to Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung's first Wave (S8500). Therefore Samsung loyal users, particularly those using the TouchWiz UI, will be easily ascertained familiar with this smartphone interface. But what about those who first use the TouchWiz UI? Relax, look across his face is quite simple and friendly as there are instructions for making arrangements in both the homescreen and menus.

Homescreennya similar to Android's homescreen, wallpaper slide-slide up to 3 screens. 3 This screen can be filled with a variety of widgets available. But we can add to the homescreen display is not limited to 3 pieces only. We just add the widget to the screen, then by itself will increase the homescreen display. The default widget is enough to add up to 7 screen display homescreen, could be more if we add a widget to download. But the performance of this smartphone could be slower if we add too many widgets. If the performance of this smartphone to be slow, we can access the task manager by holding down the menu for a while.

At the very top of the screen there is a notification area that is activated by rolling it down, with the panel to activate / disable bluetooth and wi-fi, as well as to change the profile.

The menu consists of 3 columns and 5 rows, with the bottom line of the existing fixed line in the homescreen as well as on every page. Yes, the menu consists of two pages, and even more so if we install a new application. The icons contained in the menu can be moved at will, by touching a small icon in the left corner menu setting, then we just touch and hold the icon and menggeserkannya.

Text input
Text input on this smartphone can use the keypad, virtual QWERTY keyboard, handwriting recognition (full screen and writing box). But because this smartphone is using a capacitive screen is quite responsive and has a large enough screen size, 3.2 inches, is recommended to use QWERTY keyboard, because it is very easy to use QWERTY keyboard, and we seldom made a mistake typing in both portrait or landscape mode.


This smartphone has the ability to synchronize Contact with our Twitter account and Facebook.


Message is displayed on the smartphone with the conversation mode, making them easier to see conversations that take place within. To change the SMS to MMS we just need to add a multimedia file. We can also schedule to send SMS at a specified time.


E-Mail on this phone can support multiple accounts at once, such as Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and others.


There are two built-in messenger smartphone, namely Yahoo Messenger and Palringo. We tried Yahoo Messenger, time to sign-in and loading friends quite slow, because it is still using EDGE smartphone. But Yahoo Messenger application can be minimized so that we stay online. If there is no notification of incoming messages in the message viewer the very top of the screen. Unfortunately, this smartphone is equipped with LED lights such notification on the Blackberry or some Android smartphone.


Samsung GT-S5253 is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel (2048x1536 pixels), which unfortunately does not have autofocus. The lack of flash lamps also add things that are less than the camera on this smartphone. In the absence of autofocus makes the camera captures images very quickly, so you do not lose the moment. But if you take close-up, we feel the difference between taking and not autofocus. The picture will look a bit blurry.

Camera interface very similar to other Samsung phones, it is not at all surprising. Its features include: Shooting mode (single, Smile shot, continuous, panorama, mosaic, and frame), Scene (Landscape, Night, Sports, Party / indoor, Beach / snow, sunset, dawn, fall color, fireworks, candlelight , Against the light), White balance (Auto, Daylight, incandescents, Fluorescent, Cloudy), Timer (2,5,10 seconds), Brightness (-2 to +2). That there is sufficient resolution (3.2 MP, 2MP, 1.3MP, 0.1MP, 2.4MP wide, wide 1.5MP, 0.1MP and wide), then as usual effects can add sepia, black and white, and negative. There is also exposure metering and image quality. Smartphone's camera is also equipped with Geo-Tagging for having A-GPS.

Video recorder

Video recorder smartphone supports two resolutions are QVGA (320x240) and QCIF (176x144). Framerate was about 15fps range. The resulting format is mp4. Setup is very simple, only duration (normal / MMS only), effects, white balance and brightness.

Samsung Wave GT-S5253 1

Photo Gallery

To view photos and images exist, we can access it via the "My Stuff", which also serves as the File manager of this smartphone, so we can group photos / images in various folders. To view images before and after that we just wipe the screen to the intended direction. To open an image file is a little heavy this smartphone rendering quite slow, but it is reasonable for the size of the smartphone class. To try to zoom the picture we can do a pinch and zoom like the iPhone or the Galaxy S. However, zooming is done, of course not as smooth as the two above-mentioned class handset. Photos / images can be sent directly there via MMS, Bluetooth and e-Mail, can be uploaded to Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, and Photobucket. There is also a simple image editor where you can set the brighness / contrast, adding effects, to resize, rotate and do the cropping of the image.

Video player

The video player has its own application, which application is to detect all the videos that are supported by this phone. Unfortunately this phone does not have the capability to play video format divx / xvid, where the average smartphone Samsung can do it. So just format mp4 video file (and of course 3gp) that can be played by this smartphone, and even then it seems confined to QVGA resolution (320x240), because we mp4 video file 480x270 resolution can not be played by this smartphone. But this is expected because the Bada OS is an OS that will continue to evolve, someday there are developers who create applications with a wide range of video player codecs like eRock Player on Android and CorePlayer on Windows Mobile.

Music player

The music player on the smartphone has a setting that is quite similar to other Samsung phones, from the equalizer (normal, pop, rock, jazz, dance, classic, live) and additional effects (wide, concert hall, music clarity, bass enhancement, and externalization). There are also features 5.1 channel that gives a different sensation when listening to music. There are also music recognition application, such as TrackID feature on Sony Ericsson mobile phones. We've tried it and the song "I Will" from the Beatles can be recognized easily, and can be incorporated into the "Wish List".
The resulting sound is quite tinny loudspeaker, although somewhat broken, but it was pretty crowded as well as sound when the alarm. If using a headset voice sounds clear enough, and the resulting 5.1-channel effects are felt.

FM Radio
To listen to FM radio broadcasts you must plug the headset to the 3.5mm audio jack is available. . This phone can also do auto-scan and record radio broadcasts are heard. Radio can also be heard through the loudspeaker, but the headset remains to be plugged.


This smartphone runs on the GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz. For local connectivity there is Bluetooth version 3.0 with A2DP support, and support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. To transfer data from mobile phone to your PC can use the microUSB data cable that already contained in the sales box handphone.Jika connect this phone to a PC via data cable, we can use it as mass storage, DRM media, Internet sharing, and USB debug mode. Only micro SD are read by this smartphone if we use the mass storage. A-GPS feature also complements Samsung GT-S5253 as the smartphone of today, using Google Maps as a navigational aid applications.


Browsing using the default browser on the Samsung GT-S5253 is quite fun, because it supports pinch and zoom, and can open up to 5 tabs at once.

Congenital applications on the Samsung GT-S5253

Social Hub
The application connects SMS, MMS, Facebook inbox, Direct Message inbox into one place
Samsung GT-S5253 Wave Review Gallery

With the application of this search we can find anything that is in these smartphones, such as contacts, messages, images, music, viedo, documents, even a menu, bookmark, and help. Quite useful.

Samsung Apps
Samsung Apps is a kind of "market" as the Android and the "App Store" in the IOS.

Facebook Application on Samsung GT-S5253 is not much different from other Facebook applications. Simple view, can upload pictures, not (or may not) be able to use chat, and no notification is running in the background (like the Blackberry). If you update the status of this application it will use the words below our status "via Samsung Mobile".

Twitter applications more simply because we can not upload pictures. Let's hope the developers make Twitter a more sophisticated application for OS Bada.

Youtube app is just a shortcut to We use the Wi-Fi and streaming current office, no buffering to stop the playback, video playback was smooth, with no lag.

There are 5 default of this Smartphone game, all of which is a simple game like Tumbling Dice (dice), PacmanCE, Monopoly, Diamond Twister, and BrickBreaker. In addition to Tumbling Dice, the rest is just free trial game with limited time.

Document Viewer
Opening the application documents on the smartphone is Picsel Viewer. Files that can be opened are Office files (word, excel, powerpoint) and pdf. Pinch and zoom can be used for zooming in order to more easily read text.


Customise the Samsung GT-S5253 quite a lot, can be seen in the initial review we can add a lot of widgets on the homescreen, change the order of the menu icons, change the front wallpaper. Unfortunately the theme is available only one course. The font can also be changed from Samsung Font Rosemary. In addition we can also set the notification events, gestures, and settings for all applications on the smartphone.
Samsung Wave GT-S5253 2

Battery Life
Smartphone battery uses Lithium Ion battery with 1200mAh battery types. Battery life is quite good, if we are online IM, e-Mail and a lot of widgets that work then it would stand around all day.
Closing words.
With a price of about 1.6 million, we think this phone is pretty optimal features, this phone is considered especially smartphones. It's just that there are constraints that Bada OS that has not been too popular that a third-party application support is still small.
This smartphone has a twin of the Samsung Wave GT-S533 is really exactly the same except in a physical QWERTY keyboard on the S533. With a price difference of around 300,000 dollars, all depending on what you want, a full touch smartphone, or a smartphone with a physical keyboard?


Optimal features for the price of its class
The touch screen is nice and responsive enough
TouchWiz 3.0 display similar to Samsung Android phone in the Galaxy.
Pinch and zoom there are very useful in browsing or reading documents.
Equipped with Wi-Fi and A-GPS


The camera does not have autofocus and flash
Sometimes a bit slow when opening many application
Third-party application support is still little
The lack of support for DivX / Xvid
Not support 3G
Audio quality standard

Facebook (Applications)

Upload a photo: Yes
Update status: Yes
Photo Album: Yes
Comments: Yes
Inbox: Yes
News Feeds: Yes

Twitter (Applications)

Update status: Yes
Upload the photo: No
Reply: Yes
Retweet: Yes
DM: Yes


Resolution: 3.15 megapixels
Circumstances: the Light
Flash: No
Autofocus: No
Zoom: 2x
Features: Choice of image resolution (3.2 MP, 2MP, 1.3MP, 0.1MP, 2.4MP wide, wide 1.5MP, 0.1MP and wide), color effects (sepia, black and white, and negative), exposure metering (matrix, center, spot), image quality (excellent, good, normal), shooting mode (single, continuous, mosaic, smile shot, panorama, frames), scene modes (night, party / indoor, landscape, sports, beach / snow, sunset, color of fall, candlelight, dawn, fireworks, agains the light), geotagging, white balance (auto, incandescent, cloudy, daylight, fluorescent), self timer (2, 5, 10 seconds), as much as 2x digital zoom, and EV

Video Camera

Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240 pixels), 15 frames per second
The dark: Light
Flash: No
Frames per second: -
Features: Choice of video resolutions (QVGA, QCIF), color effects (sepia, black and white, and negative), the video quality (excellent, good, normal), audio (on / off), white balance (auto, incandescent, cloudy, daylight, fluorescent), self timer (2, 5, 10 seconds), as much as 2x digital zoom, and EV

Setting Internet

Setting manual or automatic: Automatic


Kompass Digital: No
A-GPS: Yes
Map default: Yes, Google Maps Version 2.3.2


Format: HTML
Flash Player: Yes
Performance: Fast
Support lots of windows: 5 tabs


Multitouch touch screen measuring 3.2 inches TFT capacitive technology, the color depth of 262K colors, 240 x 400 pixel resolution


Type what: Bada OS Version 1.1


Type: virtual QWERTY keyboard, virtual keypad, and handwriting recognition
The sensitivity of the screen: quite sensitive


The default application: Yes, Picsel Viewer

Media & Multimedia

Music player for MP3, WAV, AAC
Photo gallery video: Yes, use the Gallery
Share functions: Email, Bluetooth, MMS


Type: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Shortcut on / off: There, the notification
Signal: Stable


3G support: No
Band: Quad Band GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Version: Bluetooth version 3.0 with A2DP support


The use of SMS and MMS: Easy
Email support: IMAP4 and POP3 protocols
Other Features: Threaded messaging
Email attachment: image files, office files, etc..


Durability (Standby): 5 days)
Talk time: 5 hours
Operation to play music: -
Battery type and capacity: Li-Ion 1200 mAh


Audio: Yes, through a browser
Video: Yes, through a browser (YouTube)


Support format: -
Market app / Place Download: Samsung App Store
List of Application:
-Music player
Picsel Viewer-
-Google Maps
-Yahoo Messenger


SMS: Yes, sounds and notifications on the home screen
Email: Yes, sounds and notifications on the home screen
Chats: Yes, sounds and notifications on the home screen
Facebook: Yes, the update status on home screen
Twitter: Yes, the update status on home screen

Ring tones

Format: MP3, WAV, and AAC
MP3 as ringtone: Yes, via the music player and profile
MP3 as sms: Yes
MP3 as email: No


Shortcut or the normal profile settings: On the menu
Type: Normal, silent, meeting, outdoor, driving
Airplane mode: Yes


Startup time: 20 seconds


Default: Tumbling Dice, Parachute Panic, Pacman, Diamond Twister, and Brick Breaker.
Download game format: -
Place download: Samsung App Store


Image formats: JPEG, GIF
Size: 240 x 400 pixels
Photo as wallpaper: Yes, through the gallery and customization


Touchscreen: Yes
Others: -
Use: Easy to use
Samsung Wave GT-S5253 3

Synchronize to Computer

Media: microUSB data cable, and Bluetooth
Application: Samsung PC Sync
Mode: In Mass Storage / Modem


Internal (Application): 100 MB
Support memory cards: MicroSD

Telephone book

Capacity: Not limited
Data: Email, IM address, personalized ringtones, contact group, home address, office address, etc. to complete the contact information in the phonebook.
OTA synchronization: sync Google, Facebook and Twitter
Photo: Yes, from the contact
Backup: SIM Card, google sync, PC Suite
Offline Contacts Backup application (computer): SIM card
Support file backup: -

Phone Calls

Speed ​​dialing, voice dialing (speaker independent) and voice commands
Records of outgoing calls, incoming and missed calls
Conference call
Integrated handsfree speaker

Home Screen, Themes & Personalization

Maximal number: 3 home screen
Displacement: Current
Performance: Current
Widget Support: Yes
Hotkey Support: Yes


Front of the screen can be adjusted:
-Home screen
-Type font (Font Samsung and Rosemary)


Jackaudio: There, 3.5mm
FM Radio: Yes, requires headset to play
Akeselerometer: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Keypad tone: Yes
Charging port: Yes, microUSB
Unlocked and the lock: Press the power button
Hot swap: Yes
Speaker: toned voice, somewhat broken at the highest level
Plane modes: Offline mode
USB: MicroUSB for data and charging
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