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The presence of Android phones is increasingly prevalent only. offered price range is vast from the sejutaan up to six millions. Now an American vendor wants to try his luck in the Android phone entry-level class. After yesterday we did review a Motorola Android phone Motorola Fire at entry level, we are now coming of another series that has a full touchscreen display that Motorola XT530 Fire.

Motorola Fire XT is priced at a fairly low at around 1.4 million only. Does the phone have a stylish and slim design has a price performance that dibanderolnya? Please read our review below.

The main specifications

GSM Quad Band (1800/1900/850/900) HSDPA 7.2 Mbps (900/2100)
Capacitive touch screen 3.5-inch TFT (320 x 480 pixels) (~ 165 ppi)
Processor 800MHz ARM v6 Adreno 200
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM (which can be used about 60 MB)
Rear 5MP camera, (2592x1936 pixels) autofocus, LED flash
VGA front camera
1540 mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Purchase Package Contents

Handset Motorola XT Fire
Data cable
Micro SD 2GB
Warranty Card

Design and Body

Motorola Fire XT has a stylish body design, comfortable grip and has a fairly thin body thickness. Currently Motorola Fire XT has only one color choices are Dark Titanium Gray. Motorola Fire XT has a dimension of 114 x 62 x 12 mm with a weight of 114 grams only. Materials used almost all made of plastic.

For the back cover is made of plastic material which is coated with rubber so as to make this phone more solid feel and not slippery when grasped. Use of this rubber coating also reduces spotting tertempelnya finger on the phone body. Around the mobile phone is also given a chrome frame adds an elegant flavor. But unfortunately the chrome frame is located rather deep, so not too look good from the front and rear.

At the front there is a earpiece, VGA resolution camera, proximity and ambient light sensor, a 3.5-inch, 4 function buttons Android capacitive type, as well as a mic. At the back there is a 5MP resolution camera LED flash and accompanied by the presence of the speakers at the bottom. To the left side of the phone there are volume keys and camera key. The right side of the phone have a micro USB port. The top of the phone have a 3.5mm headset port and the lock / power. To the bottom of the plain, no nothing.

With a resolution HVGA display (320x480 pixels) at 3.5 inches, the display screen Motorola Fire XT looks pretty smooth spoil your eyes. But we sepenglihatan, the display screen is a bit less bright, so the display looks a bit dull. But Motorola Fire XT screen quality is better than Motorola Fire screen.


Just like his brother, Fire XT uses Motorola Moto Switch interface. Excess of Moto Switch interface is that you can change the look of a good homescreen wallpaper, widgets, or the position of icons on the homescreen like to change the sound profile, according to the environment or the condition of your mood. There are four modes selection interface that can be customized as default, business, entertainment, personal.

Homescreen contains five pages alone can not be added or deducted, which can be filled with various items such as shortcuts, widgets, folders, or change the wallpaper. By holding down the menu will be displayed right under the display overview of the pages of homescreen. To perform a simple tampillan notification window, without the presence of connectivity options. If you hold the home button it will show recent apps that have been opened previously.

The main menu appears as another Motorola Android Gingerbread, application icons lined up down and sorted alphabetically by company of a black background. You can not change the position of the existing icons, but you can create new categories to group a collection of icons of the menu you want. There is also a shortcut to Google Play Store in the upper right. Overall we did not feel the lag-lag is annoying only display movements both in the homescreen or main dimenu seen to have the effect of ghost / shadow that follows, but this does not interfere with the performance of mobile phones.

Input Text

There are three options for typing input in Fire Motorola Moto XT as input, Multi-touch input, and Swype. There are also various settings for each method. We did not find any problems in the process of typing, the screen response is good and the screen size is too small also support the process of typing.


Contacts menu consists of four tabs, namely phone, call logs, contacts, and favorites. Contacts menu has the same contents with the phone menu, highlight the difference is only the current tab into the menu. To add contacts entries, you can menginputnya manually or import from various accounts such as gmail accounts or from sim card. You can export your contacts list into the memory card to back up.


Like the messaging menu in Android stock, as well as the messaging menu on Motorola Fire XT. The interface is simple with the new message at the top and underneath the inbox display. To change from SMS to MMS to include multimedia content, you simply press the menu button and choose the image menu paperclip.

Gmail application that has a distinctive look simple and easy to use also always present in the mobile phone operating system Android as Fire XT. As usual Gmail application supports multiple accounts, so that all your accounts will be active and will get push notifications when connected to the Internet. For other email services like yahoo, hotmail, and others, you can set it manually in the email menu.

Just like Gmail, Talk instant messaging application or Google Talk is an instant messaging application that always comes preinstalled on Android. And if you want to use other instant messaging services, it's easy you just download the application in question in the Google Play.


Motorola Fire XT camera has a resolution of 5 MP (2592x1936 pixels) accompanied by the presence of autofocus LED flash. Camera menu interface uses the default look of Android that has many options like select camera settings, zoom, flash, white balance, store location, focus mode, picture size, picture quality, color effect, metering mode, anti appeal, saturation, contrast, sharpness, brightness, grid, shutter sound, and restore to default. When opening the main camera is a kind of a click sound, but this is considered normal for Motorola camera phone output.

The camera to capture images indoors without flash looks less sharp, although the noise is not too visible. To capture outdoor images, the result looks quite bright and detailed. To take the focus before taking the picture you can use the camera button on the side of the phone, because the key is the two-step, so you can aim the focus of the first object you want before taking the picture.

Video Recorder

Motorola Fire XT camera is capable of recording video up to VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) with 24fps framerate. There are several menu select settings such as camera, video quality, white balance, color effects, video encoder, video duration, and restore to default. Unfortunately for the video recording is only confined to a maximum duration of 30 minutes. Videos are saved in 3GP format.

My Gallery

Menu has the standard view my gallery Android is a 3D effects and motion effects. A collection of pictures and videos will be displayed here by folder. As usual, the photo you are viewing can be done little editing process, sharing the various services, and make it wallpaper or contact picture. For zooming process can be done in three ways: pinch and zoom, double tap the screen, or use the zoom button.

Video Player

You have a collection of videos can be played through my gallery menu, because there is no dedicated video player menu by default. Interface standard with Android video player there is only backward buttons, play / pause and fast forward. Video format that can be played like 3GP, MP4, but for a resolution of 720p and above is capable of playing.

Music Players

Motorola Fire XT connected application integration TuneWiki music player with a typical Motorola. This application has a complete feature because in addition to listening to songs in your library, you also can stream SHOUTcast Internet radio, see the youtube clip, TuneWiki community, and identify songs by SoundHound.

For menu music, the songs are divided into four categories, namely artist, album, songs, and playlists. Display now playing album art and lyrics are presented (if connected to the Internet). There are also features like send blip (like comments) that can be shared (Twitter, SMS, Email), and music maps. Now playing information present in the notification window which serves also for a shortcut to the menu music. Loudspeaker quality is good enough for the maximum volume output, but the voice sounded shrill and ear hurt.

FM Radio

As always you have to plug a headset in advance to be able to enjoy the favorite radio station, because the headset has a function as an antenna. There are features such as favorites, share (to share information which is being listened to radio station), set frequency, listen via speaker, mute, setting.


Motorola Fire XT network is running on Quad Band GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and HSDPA 900/2100 MHz. So do not be a problem to travel abroad to bring this phone. For local connectivity there is WiFi 802.11b/g/n, a-GPS, Bluetooth v2.1. There is also a choice of USB tethering and Mobile WiFi hotspot.

Web Browser

For a browser issue, we found no obstacles to open the website TeknoUp mobile version, for the full version can be opened enough. For flash content, like watching a video via YouTube version of the desktop, the video will automatically play using the application, not posted on the web is playing. Browser on Motorola Fire XT can do multitab simultaneously up to 8 tabs.

Benchmark Results

Quadrant Standard: 588 points
AnTuTu Benchmark: 1556 points
Neocore 3D: 47.3 frames per second
Multitouch tester: maximum of 2 touches
CamSpeed: 367 ShutterTime, 2026 ImageTime, 1843 FocusTime
Motorola XT530 Review Fire Gallery

Battery Life

Motorola Fire XT supplied by the battery Lithium Ion 1540 mAh capacity BF5X type. This phone has a claimed battery life is good, and in fact true. With a cell phone screen is not as clear in the upper classes. Motorola Fire XT battery can provide energy to 1.5 to 2 hours depending on network quality and frequency of use.


With the price you will get 1.4 million Android phones Gingerbread with fashionable design features a complete, nearly matching the existence of top-class phone features. Motorola seemed to have serious heart-in-class entry-level users through XT Fire Motorola products. We recommend for Teknokerz who want to have a phone capable entry level class to try FireXT Motorola phones, as compared to the price performance that cost does not disappoint.


Battery life is good
Completeness of features
5MP autofocus camera, LED flash
At affordable prices
Quite thin and fashionable design


Screen quality is not good
Small internal memory
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