Sony Xperia S LT26i Reviews

Sony Xperia S LT26i


review one of the smartphone is quite eagerly awaited by many people we have completed. Sony Xperia S offers a host of advanced features that many fans want the current smartphone, the Snapdragon processor dual-core 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 12 MP camera, 32 GB internal memory and some advanced technology such as Sony's Bravia Engine Mobile, Exmor R, xLOUD, PlayStation Certified and others. Want to know what kind of content and performance of the Sony Xperia S? Check out our review below.

The main specifications of the Sony Xperia S

LED-backlit LCD screen 4.3-inch 1280 x 720 pixels
Snapdragon processor 1.5 GHz dual-core
Adreno 220 GPU
Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread
12 MP camera, Full HD 1080p video recording
Front camera 1.3 MP, 720p HD video recording
32GB Internal Memory
Battery 1750 mAh
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Sales Package

Sony Xperia S
Warranty card
Guide the use and important information
Charger Adaptor
Micro USB data cable

2.Desain and Body

S holds the Xperia has a different feel than other smartphones. The use of materials on the body is like dicoating with a special material feels a bit like holding a soft foam material, but a little rough. To grip pretty well, although large in size but still good grip. Body is quite thick and slightly curvy to make the grip feel more secure than holding other smartphone measuring 4.3 inches.

This smartphone has the dimensions 128 x 64 x 10.6mm and weighs about 144 grams is that, as a comparison of HTC Sensation XE weighs 151 grams and Samsung Galaxy S II weighs 116 grams.
The front, on the top right corner there is a resolution of 1.3 MP camera and in the middle of SONY logo there under the logo is there to listen to the speaker out when making phone calls. At the bottom of the screen are three touch buttons back, home and menu. In addition there is a transparent list that can be lit as a sign of the notification. At the center of the bottom of the XPERIA logo emboss.

The back of the Xperia S contained 12 MP camera with LED Flash support, speakers, a round green logo and the typical Sony Ericsson Xperia emboss logo at the bottom.

On the left side there is a micro USB port which has a lid. And there is no port / hole and the other buttons. On the right side there is a HDMI port, volume keys and camera key.

At the top there is the power / lock and a hole 3.5 mm audio. While at the bottom of the phone have a hole for hanging accessories.

Xperia's screen size 4.3 inches with the type of LED-Backlit LCD with HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. In the brightness and sharpness of the screen is a level better than the usual types of LCD screens on other smartphones, bright screen is like Nova's LG Display is very bright, but about the quality of the colors still seem a little yellowish, especially when viewed from a narrow perspective or oblique . Please refer to comparisons with the iPhone screen Xperia S 4 and Galaxy Nexus at the time of opening google website a white background, white backgrounds look a little pale yellowish displayed.


Xperia S still relies Timescape UI like on Android phones from Sony Ericsson previously. On the home screen there are 5 pages and can be customized according to user preferences, you can change themes, wallpapers, add widgets, shortcuts and applications. There are seven themes which you can choose the Silk, Turquoise, Emerald, Sapphire, Gold, Ruby and Amethyst. Transfer from page to screen quite smoothly despite the many widgets are installed.

On the application drawer is divided into several pages that can be shifted by Swipe / sweep to the left or right of the screen. 1 page application drawer there are 20 applications that are divided into 4 columns x 5 lines. To facilitate the user's applications can be sorted in several ways such as by own order (the arrangement of the user), the alphabet, most used (most frequently used will be the top) and the recently installed (newly installed applications will occupy the top position).


Sony Xperia S LT26i Reviews

As usual there notifications bar at the top and can be accessed by sweeping down the status bar at the top of the screen. At the time the application is running music player, now playing feature will appear in the notification bar to speed up access to the music player. The rest is nothing special in the notification bar Xperia S.

5.Text Input

For the method of inputting text can only use the default keyboard called the Xperia keyboard. In addition to a full QWERTY keyboard, the Xperia keyboard also supports keyboard in Japanese and Chinese. Setting full QWERTY keyboard phone is quite complete, there are some features such as Automatic space, Quick fixes, Gesture input (like Swype), and others. Xperia's keyboard size in landscape or portrait position is quite large and fairly easy to use.


Phonebook menu on the phone is quite complete as hi-end Android smartphone others. You can synchronize your contacts with your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and import of your sim card. Contacts view displays arranged by the alphabet and be large enough to look clearer and easier to contact.

At the top there is the search field, you simply type in the letters or the name of the contact you want to look for to speed up access. To the right of the search field there is a button to add a new contact. On the right side there is a slider bar that serves as a quick shortcut to access the contacts on a particular alphabet that you want. At the bottom there is a shortcut to access the Phone and Favorites directly from the Contacts menu. Contact details can be added very complete, as hi-end Android smartphone others.


Messaging feature on the Xperia S has a simple interface, its use is quite easy, to make a brief message you simply add contacts / phone no target and then typing the desired message. Meanwhile, to change the SMS into an MMS message, you simply add a file attachment media. Threaded message display format / like chatting.

sony specification
Gmail and Email the same features as other Android phones. Already has a feature to Gmail Push email and multi account. Email feature allows you to add email accounts in addition to the Xperia's Gmail account eg Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.. However, for there is no Push Email feature so that email you must set the update frequency for the email.

8.Camera and Video Recorder

Xperia S comes complete with a 12 MP camera with LED Flash. In the camera menu there is the option to choose Scenes such as Landscape, Night Portrait, Sports, Potrait, Night scene, Beach and snow and party. In addition you can also adjust image sizes ranging from 2 MP ratio of 4:3, 2 MP ratio of 16:9, 16:9 ratio 9 MP and 12 MP 4:3 ratio.

There are 5 Focus modes to choose from, among others, single autofocus, the Multi autofocus, Face detection, Touch Infinity and focus. Besides that we have already mentioned there are several features such as Smile Detection, ISO setting, White balance, Exposure value, Self-timer and other features.

The results of the camera in good light conditions would be very nice, images look very sharp and very bright colors are produced either by size 9 MP and 12 MP. Photo shoot with a macro mode produces images that are very good and very satisfying. The photos outdoor, indoor, macro and flash of the Xperia S can produce sharp images and quality. The camera's main weapon is ready to subvert Xperia smartphone similar in its class. Including rapid image capture, pause / lag that occurs only for a moment only, but not as fast as Galaxy Nexus can be equated with the Sensation XE.

Sony Xperia
Video Recorder

Xperia's main camera can record video in Full HD 1080p quality while the front camera can record video in 720p HD quality only. In the settings are not too different camera settings, there is a choice Scenes, video size, focus mode, self timer, and so forth.

Video recordings produced by Xperia S has a mp4 format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and has 29 frames per second. Full HD video throughout the 32 seconds has a size of 54 MB. Very good video recordings, microphonenya able to capture sound with good and clear, image quality was bright and sharp. When the phone is moving fast enough, no skip frames or lag occurs. Cameras and video cameras really become a major weapon Xperia S.

9.Gallery, Video and Music

Gallery photo's have a look at the Xperia with Android standard view 3D effect, the photos displayed by category. One of the advantages Xperia S is the Bravia Engine technology embedded Mobile in the gallery, so the quality of the image or video is more optimized and looks better, we feel this is the same when comparing the photo in Gallery Xperia S and on the computer. To activated the Mobile Bravia Engine you can just go into phone settings and choose the option screen. In addition the gallery's Xperia is pretty much perfect Integrate with multiple applications or connectivity, so you can directly from the gallery to share via Bluetooth, Gmail, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Picasa, WhatsApp, Messaging and more.

Xperia S LT26i

Video player on this phone has a simple display. Video can be accessed through the Gallery just because there is no menu Video Player on the Xperia S. Video player capable of playing 720p video with mp4 format, and indeed the resulting picture quality thanks to Bravia Engine support is pretty good and has excellent contrast, making colors appear brighter. Plus S Xperia screen has a resolution high enough, so any video that is playing is sharp. For other than mp4 format, we had tried to incorporate video with mkv and avi format. Mkv format video to be played but did not detect the subtitle file srt bia, while the avi format can not be played at all. Xperia S is a little short this phone does not have good audio quality, the sound is a fruit of the speakers at the back of the phone sounds a bit too sharp and shrill at high volume.

On the whole menu on Xperia Gallery Gallery S the same as the standard Android on other devices, the only difference being Bravia Engine technology and the sharpness of the screen that supports the quality of the image or video.

Music Players

The music player has a nice view. Divided into two pages, ie pages and My Music Playing. Playing page contains information on the current track or the last played, album cover art there, the information (title, singer and album) songs, and the navigation buttons in the form of play, next and back. In the bottom corner there is a minute walking track and total track length. On the page My Music there are 6 categories: Tracks, Albums, Artists, Playlists, SensMe channels, and My Favorites Playlist.

S LT26i

The music player is also fully equipped with the Equalizer settings. Users can select some settings that are available a case of Jazz, Rock, Pop, Unique, Soul, Bass Boost, etc.. In addition users can also set your own equalizer to your taste (custom equalizer). In the music player embedded xLOUD technologies that make the resulting sound is more powerful if it is enabled.

Appearance and function of music player on the Xperia's good but unfortunately we think the sound quality is not very good, audio comes out sounding a bit too sharp and shrill at high volume.


Browser Xperia S has a casual look like Android. On the home page there is a column for the website address and next to it there is a shortcut to get to the Bookmarks, Most visited, and History. Browser Xperia S is equipped with a flash player so that the flash content can be run. Total pages / tabs that can be opened simultaneously is 8 pages. Settings in your browser settings just like other Android devices.


Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot
Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, EDR
Micro USB 2.0
HDMI Output (separate cable)
Congenital 12.Aplikasi
LiveWare Manager
This application is useful for connecting devices like Xperia S with a headset or charger. With this application you can set when the headset is plugged the phone will automatically recognize and headed to the FM Radio feature. It depends on what features you apply to this application, you can customize the applications that you apply to LiveWare Manager.

Office Suite

Phone default office applications can be used to open office documents like excel, ppt, word, and pdf. Unfortunately the application of this office can not be used to edit and create new office documents.

Power Saver

This application is a battery saver application to make your own arrangements, you can adjust the power safer profile according to your wishes.

Quadrant Standard: 3177 points

Neocore: 59.4 FPS

Linpack: 49.99 MFLOPS / 1.68 seconds

Multitouch: 10 touch sensor

Battery Hold 

Xperia S implanted battery 1750mAh capacity which is quite large. But that does not mean the phone battery consumption will be immediately efficient, we feel the battery consumption is quite large, this may be caused by the use of processor 1.5 GHz dual-core and a screen that has a high brightness level. Xperia's battery which we try to start with a content of 80% and decreased to 20% in the review process is intense during the first 7 hours. We expect to normal everyday use with an active data packet may Xperia S can last about 13-14 hours.

* Resilience depends on how the use, condition the signal, at room temperature and other factors.


Sony Xperia S it's very reasonable priced at 5.5 million dollars and this is very much worthy of your choice. Very nice design and a host of advanced technologies embedded into the main selling points of this phone. Plus the camera on this phone has excellent quality to capture images or record video. Performance is quite fast and lag free. Xperia S has full connectivity to support your activities. Unfortunately the LED-backlit screen Xperia S looks a little yellowish and not equipped with good quality speakers.


720p HD screen and sharp
High brightness levels
Bravia Engine is very powerful for multimedia
Xperia S 12 MP camera is very good
Good design
Good overall performance
Complete connectivity

Screen slightly yellowish
Audio quality is not good
Battery less wasteful
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